Friday, July 06, 2007

Where have all the Sirens Gone?

My hat is off to whomever it was in Salem or Marion County Government that convinced the local 911 Dispatch Center to begin evaluating the calls for Emergency Medical Help, and thus dispatching EMS resources that are ... appropriate to the need.

This change has brought an abrupt end to the almost constant and visitor frightening emergency vehicle (siren) parades that for some years had been screaming up and down our streets and roadways making the city sound more like a war zone than a nice place to live.

Thanks, we needed that as many new arrivals who were security conscious elected to pass on relocating to Salem after hearing a few Siren parades. That left us with those who found the extreme amount of EMS vehicle noise as a quite familiar and acceptable. Wrong!

Now, if we can just get them to use only ONE siren per EMS vehicle as motorists are being unnecessarily confused with looking for Phantom rigs that are only . . . heard and not seen.


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