Saturday, June 30, 2007

Muchas Gracias!

Today, many of us who have contributed to defeating Bush/Kennedy's effort to reward Illegal Aliens, are rightly sharing fellow's comments of appreciation.

Yes, working together we accomplished what many had said was impossible. Great job!

However, lets not ignore all the many Millions (12 to 25) of those who gave our Anti Illegal Alien movement the fuel we needed to succeed.

Those being the Illegal Aliens themselves. Thanks gang, we owe you.

Had it not been for the Illegal Aliens ever expanding and increasing level of Bad Behavior we would have never accomplished our goals.

Thanks for all the Hit-and-Run car accidents, Drunken Driving, Stabbings, Shootings, Drug Dealing, Drug Importing, Rapes, Murders, Wife/Girlfriend Beatings, Anchor Babies, Gang Fights, False ID's, Store Robberies, Job Stealing, Home Invasions, Press #2 for Spanish, Shop Lifting, Crowded Schools, Bi-Lingual Education, Invaded Public Parks, Mexican Flag Waving Demand Parades and all the other objectionable, Un American behavior.

Without their contribution they may have won their desired Free Pass to Citizenship.


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