Saturday, June 23, 2007

No Chill at Wally World

Didn't bother to stop for a head count. No need.

Trying to get past the Wal-Mart store area on Lancaster Dr. NE is enough to confirm the Illegal Aliens are still here and thicker than ever if anything.

Note: Things are slow in the Gringo part of town as I suspect high gas prices have hurt the fun budgets.

More High Dollar, Tricked out Lincoln and Cadillac SUV's with spendy tires and wheels than I have ever seen before.

It looked like a Mexican car show. Can we say Low Rider???

Maybe they are buying Big in preparation for a Run on the Border? It makes sense. Don't spose the Mexican Police will turn them away, do you?

And, the level of Police activity in the area was nothing compared to normal.

Quiet. No sirens!!!

Yes, they are laying low. Lets see how long the Honeymoon lasts.


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