Sunday, June 17, 2007

The Scumbag Socialist Cowards!

Its now been over 12 Hours since a Marion County Deputy Sheriff was Killed in a Head-on Motor Vehicle Collision occurring last night on Hwy. 99E, just North of the intersection leading to the City of Gervais.

And, as yet neither the Oregonian or the StatesmanJournal have reported his violent Death (in the line of duty) on their
. . . Breaking News www pages.

Perhaps they are waiting for the others to be notified as someone in the car that crossed the line and Killed the Deputy, also died.

The Deputy's name has been released by TV and Radio news and those reports also tell of him being a Husband and Father of two children.

Who is to cry for his family?

What a swell Father's day it is.

Late revision:

13+ Hours later the StatesmanJournal adds this to their Breaking News page.

1:11 p.m. A Saturday collision results in deaths of Deputy and teen

2:32 PM The Oregonian's Breaking www News picks up the SJ story.

This intentionally delayed delivery helps keep the story from reaching other News Headlines


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