Friday, June 01, 2007

Hey, what about seat belts?

The only positive thing I see resulting from losing my wife of 42+ years (other than her no longer suffering great pain) is that she will not be aware of what is soon to occur in this our once beautiful city. A city we both love and know as Salem, Oregon, in this our United States of America.

Such as today when there was a road rage incident that occurred at our local Costco's gas island. Costco, excuse me? No civility among paid members, eh? I suppose this will result in our soon seeing armed security at Costco just as we now do at our public schools. Resource Officers, my ass!

Or, of the two cars chasing and crashing into each other (and other cars as reported by numerous witnesses) in NE Salem this afternoon in an event the Police assumed was a rolling Gang Fight.

Or, of the 50+ person Gang Fight where one person was shot at a beautiful neighborhood park in Vancouver, WA. Most Gang Fights in Salem are of less then 30 people. Looks as Vancouver is one up on us.

Or, of my learning how Gangs are now known to use large rented moving vans to transport Fighters to specific locations where fights are planned to occur and that with the use of cell phones and text messages.
Hey, what about seat belts? Isn't that Illegal or do the Illegals get a pass on that rule as well?

Or, of the City's pride and joy Carousel at waterfront park (where we have enjoyed taking our grandchildren to visit) that is now a place quite likely for Gang Fighters to gather and go about their clubbing, stabbing cutting.

Or, of this evening when in the early seven o'clock hour there are more reports of Gang like gatherings in specific locations that then disperse before Police arrive. As the evening progresses I suspect the Police will again exhaust their ability to respond to all these reports and then all hell will break lose, again.

No, my wife of 42+ years won't also need to suffer the added pain of watching our once fine and safe city turn into an even bigger Hell Hole and fear for our children's safety and that of their children.
And our Legislature Plays On!


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