Tuesday, May 29, 2007

Signs of Change are visible at Salem Hospital's Emergency Department

The first and most noticeable are the Big and rather amateurish (home brew style) posters that adorn the ER waiting area walls. They feature Paper Cut Outs of hands all arranged and linked in a row.

They look as the product of a grade school class project and perhaps are however the receptionist was quite proud of the new signage and the message being conveyed.

Note: The posters have been covered with what looks as plastic wrap so as to provide a smooth surface which I suspect is required in such a highly contagious environment.

The message in the form of a Pledge is that our Hands are for Helping and Healing and how its Wrong to use our Hands for Hurting.

Golly, I wonder who they are trying to reach here?

The next signs are in the individual exam rooms and are a bit more explicit in their professionally delivered message.

They are the new House Rules.

Some of the bullet lines are:

* Speak respectfully to others

* Listen to others

* Violent behavior and making threats are not allowed

* Supervise your children

It goes on to say that you may be asked to leave if these rules are not followed!

Now, what or who do you suppose prompted these changes?

What, are they rejecting Diversity?


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