Monday, June 18, 2007

More Murder in Blood Alley = Más Asesinato en Callejón de Sangre

Headline: Marion County Deputy killed by reckless Driver

Oscar Ascencio Amaya, 19, Alfredo De Jesus Ascencio, 20, Daniel Alvarez De Jesus, 24

As good Americans we can't allow the News Media and our Legislature to sweep the Slaughter of a Dedicated Deputy Sheriff under the rug by delaying the News in order to stem the outrage!

Blood Alley (Callejón de Sangre) which is known as the stretch of Oregon Highway 99E from North of Salem to Woodburn (a designated Safety Corridor) is the most dangerous piece of pavement in the State.

That because of the High Number of accidents caused by Hispanic drivers (Illegal Aliens) who are either Drunk of simply don't know how to drive, yet many poses Drivers Licenses given them anyway by our government officials and with the blessing of our Oregon Legislature.

We can't allow this good man to die and his family suffer without championing their cause and bring this mayhem to an end.

I'm going to Raise Hell about this.

Who will join me?


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