Wednesday, July 04, 2007

So what's to be gained by watching TV news?

Names withheld to protect!

We see more and more of horrific TV news stories where the Bad Guys names have been intentionally withheld and we are told they will be reported later.

Yea right, how much later is that? I'm already old and gray so please don't keep us hanging forever.

But now, the not only are the Names being withheld, so are the descriptions of the Bad Guys we should be warned as who to look for and keep our guard against.

Example, the young girl who was standing on a McLaughlin Blvd. sidewalk and waving a promotional sign in Milwaukie the other day.

That Bad Guy who pulled up next to her, told her to get in his Dark Green, Ford Ranger, Club Cab pickup with a Black Stripe down the side, or he was going to kill her with a knife which alluded was under a Green Jacket he was waving at her. He was described as wearing Diamond Studded Ear Rings.

Darn, all but the tire size and vehicle license number!

How about the gent to robbed a Safeway shopper in West Salem the other day and at knifepoint took his wallet and watch before running away to an apartment loaded with look-a-like residents and neighbors.

He was described as Carrying a Large Knife, wearing Black Baggy Pants, a Baggy White Tank-top and had Black Hair. Sorry, no mention of Ear Rings.

So lets all be on the lookout for two Bad Guy fellas, one with Diamond Ear Rings and the other Black Hair.

So what's to be gained by watching TV news other than to learn of sales on Mattresses ?


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