Sunday, July 08, 2007

Three-vehicle crash kills four, injures seven near Sandy

What a horrendous event this was and nothing that could not have been prevented with ODOT installing a series of Jersey Barriers which are individually formed, steel reinforced concrete segments that can be attached together to form an almost immovable wall.

But no, ODOT waits until more die needlessly and then begin to install 'Steel Cable Barriers' with posts that are known to fail on direct impact.

However, before that OSP and ODOT must close the entire roadway for untold hours while they identify exactly which child was in which child seat and record the manufacturers name, make and model along with other facts of the crash scene that would allow them to reconstruct the entire area at a later time and have that . . . an exact duplicate.

Something is wrong with this picture and the Cowards in our State Legislature will do nothing about the Problem other than rename it . . . an Issue.


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