Sunday, November 21, 2010

I got mine!

Just like every other mailing address in Marion, Polk and part of Yamhill County, we all received our 108 page copy of Chemeketa Community College's 2011 Winter Class Schedule . . . whether we wanted one or not.

I didn't as with the many such unwanted mailings I receive from CCC every year, they always tighten my chain.

As usual I found many of the same classes that serve no purpose other than help a student gain useless credits and the instructors a good income. A good example is the Fire Service Training when its common for Fire Departments to have hundreds of educationally qualified applicants for every opening. Please note my mentioning the 'educationally qualified' applicants as many of the CCC graduates can't begin to pass the needed physical or mental tests.

Not to forget the Criminal Science classes where you can find government loan supported students with Felony Records which holdings will preclude them from ever finding employment in the field. I suppose in the future having such a degree could make for some good cell-block conversation.

But lookie here on page #53
. There under languages I find Course SPN 122 where Native Spanish Speakers can learn Spanish! I would rank that in equal value of importance to interpreting dog bark.

And why are there so many language classes devoted to Russian and Spanish and nothing is offered in Chinese? Now, who is out of touch with reality???

Oh yes, this mailing will likely be followed in a few days by another 25+ page, full color covered CCC product, that list all the classes they will be offering in Continuing Education classes such as Bird Watching and similar fields.


Blogger OregonGuy said...

The goal of education is to assure the student of his own self-worth. Imagine the amount of self-worth a native Spanish speaker can derive from learning his own language!

Too many of us question the viability of our education system simply because we view the process in terms of its results; can a student put the skills he has learned to use?

Such a parochial concern.

6:57 AM  

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