Thursday, September 02, 2010

I just got this hunch, how bout you?

In the last year I have seen more and more of those who I call responsible single family home owners welcoming into their homes family members who have come upon hard times.

The first signs include a sudden increase in the number of vehicles parked on or near the residence and that soon followed by yard and garage sales where the new arrivals liquidate their personal possessions. Its sad to see the many unsold items left out in the rain as there is no storage room for anything now they are using the garage for sleeping quarters.

But what I find more disturbing is how many of the new arrivals of all ages constantly trail back and forth to the nearest (non-franchise) Mini-Market and return with bags of rot-gut prepared food and liter bottles of soft drinks. Wow, what a business!

So I'm wondering how well all these independently owned Mini-Markets are playing by the rules when accepting payment with Welfare Debit Cards.


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