Saturday, August 16, 2008

Let me guess the outcome

Headline: State Task Force on Obesity to meet
I predict it ultimately will result in a new DHS division that will be staffed with nutritionists and educators who will be tasked with creating a New out-reach program targeting the overly plump, single, working mother, who on the way home often grabs a boat load of fast-foot to feed her hungry latch-key kids.
You know, the mom who calls the kids on the cell phone while waiting in McD's drive-up line (in her super-safe SUV) and that to learn of their menu choices. Remember, Rachael doesn't want any lettuce or tomatoes and Terrance wants double mayo.
So how will they reach their targets? Require all employers (with a staff of 5 or more) to hire State Certified consultants who will conduct monthly (during business hours) nutrition-choice workshops for all employees, anoretic or not.
You can bet a Twinkie the Governor's Task Force won't suggest the Oregon's Food Stamp recipients (Oregon Trail Card holders) limit their grocery purchases to healthy foods only.


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