Monday, August 06, 2007

Pitt Bull-sh## is a symptom!

So, I'm unloading groceries form my car trunk and notice on my first trip into my residence that a neighbor woman is sitting on my patio.

Finding this a bit strange I decide to check her out as soon as I grabbed the last few items of frozen food from the car. It was a Costco buying run and as always they require more than one trip to unload.

Moments later when closing my cars truck I heard a Growl and as I turned towards my front door I spotted two large Pitt Bulls approaching me from behind.

I was lucky with walking at a steady pace and reaching my doorway before they could catch my leg which seemed their target. Maybe they wanted a cookie?

Then I learned from my neighbor how she had sought refuge on my patio after the dogs had cornered her when working in her yard.

Nice little puppies that's owner I'm sure will tell you are gentle and love a good hug.

The sorry part of this story is that we have a growing number of people who feel they want or need Pitt Bulls, be that a power trip, to protect themselves from criminals or criminals to protect themselves from Police.

So much for not being Judgemental and allowing our society to crumble.


Blogger MAX Redline said...

I think they're overrated. Dogs are dogs. The so-called "owner" should be hit hard in the pocketbook for allowing the animals to run free. As for the fact that they are supposedly pit=bulls -- who cares? The species or sub-species doesn't really matter.

Once they get to running, they can place some animal and human life in danger. Of course, that's because animals tend to run, and so do stupid humans. Dogs love that.

8:05 PM  
Blogger The Cheezer said...

I am a dog owner and grew up around pit bulls. With any animal, breeding is critical. You can breed for many things, but careful breeding is needed irrelevant of the animal. My uncle was a pit bull breeder, and there was never an issue with his dogs because he was responsible with what 2 animals he matched up and wouldn’t use an aggressive animal – EVER! He also never sold a dog cheap or to a person he didn’t know personally. He was a responsible breeder.
I had one as a child and the dog put up with a lot of grief from my friends and family. We were children after all. But with all the careful training and attention, at the age of 2, the dog became aggressive towards other dogs. The dog was never allowed to run free when another animal was in sight or the area wasn’t enclosed from then on.
But she never showed aggression toward humans.
It is not the breed that is bad; it is the breeding and the training. The owners need to be held legally and financially responsible. If the dog does show aggression, then it needs to be dealt with. If this means put to death, then maybe that’s it. If you can’t control it, you shouldn’t own it.
This goes for your children as well (the part about "if you can't control it, you shouldn't own it").

11:58 AM  

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