Friday, August 03, 2007

Where does it end?

For the sake of Embracing Diversity (translated: ignore the illegality and violence) our local Community College track is now closed at night and this because of a woman being attacked there yesterday while jogging . . . and the attacker was a Hispanic Male.

On the surface such a decision seems an extreme reaction, however any person who is familiar with NE Salem will well understand the true nature of the problem (its not an issue) and the resulting wise decision.

Its become routine as every day we learn of more limitations being placed in Law Abiding US Citizens because of the Illegal Aliens who have been allowed to come here and rape, pillage and destroy our society.

Our children can no longer safely play in their yards, walk to school or visit a friend as they did only a few years ago.

This is also true with women visiting shopping centers or as the woman who I today watched out my office window seeking safe refuge on my parking lot to make a cell phone call. She recognized that her stopping her car in a strange neighborhood to engage in a business call made her a sitting duck and she liked the secure looks of my property. A wise move.
More and more people like her are now living in a world of fear as if hunted prey, and all because those who we elect and hire to protect us fail to enforce the Laws of our land and that because they fear of being called Racists.

Wake up America, we are losing the war being waged against us and one many of us fail to recognize.


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