Sunday, July 22, 2007

An almost Illegal Alien Free Zone, Discovered!

In general the boundary begins at the Willamette River on the South at Wilsonville, extends from there Northwest to Sherwood, North from there to central Beaverton, North-Northeast from there to the Columbia River, East from there to the Portland Airport, South along 82nd Ave and then South-Southwest from the Clackamas Town Center to where it connects again at Wilsonville.

This is an area where nearly a million pretentious Yuppies are living crammed together like cord wood, where almost all have active alarm systems on everything, which makes theft more difficult due to the exposures and where most folks are more likely to drive a Volvo, an Audi, a Lexus or BMW, all of which Illegal Aliens are less skilled in stealing and/or able to sell parts of later.

Easy picking, Honda Accord or Chev Astro Van heaven, it ain’t!

Its also an area where living twelve people to a two-bedroom apartment is not allowed, where Police quickly end excessive noise problems resulting from knife fights and drunken parties and low-riders with BOOMING stereos are seldom seen, as the Cops will be on them like dirt in a Mexican kitchen.

Have any doubts just drop by the Target store in Wilsonville or better yet Bridgeport Village in Tualatin and just try to find anyone that looks Hispanic, someone you might consider is an Illegal Alien or observe any of the problems they would bring with them.

This makes it easy to understand why many of the Portland Metro voters think those of us who are angry about the Illegal Alien Invasion are only racist bigots. As far as they are concerned there isn't any problem unless an Illegal Alien has a flat tire on their landscaping truck.

But now within that zone one must deal with all the Image Projectors wearing their high dollar fashion versions of what Pot Heads in SE Portland buy at Goodwill.

The best part of that is when mingling with the Yuppies in the Free Zone, one doesn't need to watch out for drive-by shooters or gang fights breaking out at a Sushi Bar.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

Thank God, I think I have found someone who actually has a brain!
I am not a biggot a racist or anything else. I would fight and die for the freedoms that we all take for granted. That said, I also believe that everyones "freedom" ends where the other guys nose begins. So if your a "legal" law abiding citizen then you should enjoy all the same freedoms I do. But, if your "illegal" then by your very title you are not law abiding. Therefore what you have to say doesn't count. Oh and by the way, what you say has to be said in ENGLISH!

Thanks for your like minded viewpoint!!!

7:32 AM  

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