Thursday, August 23, 2007

Now, wasn't that easy?

The pile of demolition rubble has recently been accumulating in a neighboring yard.

Its the result of the new owner's working on a Major Remodeling project and it looks as the demolition part of the effort is now complete.

Couldn't be much left of the house judging from the looks of that huge pile.

Then as predictable a 10 yard Dumpster appears and that I suspected would soon to be loaded with the waste and then its off to the landfill.

But wait, where is the Bobcat-Loader that will be used to carry away and load all that pile of busted lumber and rusty nails?

Well we can forget about that as Roberto shows up around 9:00 AM and sizes up the job.

Then he is gone for half an hour and returns with an Exhibition full of fellow Spanish speakers and they spend the rest of the day loading the dumpster, dust, dirt, splinters, rusty nails and all.

So who needs a State licensed, tax paying, OSHA rule conforming, legitimate service contractor, using modern, safe, power tools like a Bobcat Loader, when Cheap, Illegal Alien Stoop Labor can get the job done on short notice, without any bids, without any contracts, without any liability exposure and at less than 1/2 the price?

Tetanus shots, eye protection, particle masks, hard hats and gloves, you gotta be kidding!


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