Wednesday, August 22, 2007

I'm still waiting!

That for the Breaking News Bulletin announcing the Capture of Alfredo De Jesus–Ascencio, who is wanted on homicide charges related to a June 16th fatal motor vehicle crash on Highway 99E, in which Marion County Sheriff's Deputy Kelly Fredenburg burned alive as he fought to escape his damaged vehicle.

Perhaps Marion County Sheriff "Raul Ramirez" needs some help in taking all those calls on his "Telephone Tip Lines?

But then, I'm certain all those calls come in on the Special taxpayer funded Language Lines (using interpreters) and without my speaking Spanish as a Native I doubt as if you and I would be much help.

Guess we will just need to wait.

But then, we can break the tension by holding a Betting Pool on when he will turn himself into Police.

I was just kidding about a Betting Pool as we all know those are Illegal.


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