Wednesday, August 27, 2008

Wouldn't it be better,

If rather than teach Oregon Prison Inmates how to manufacture Fine Office Furnishings (suitable only for established attorneys, elected government officials and State bureaucrats) they gained experience in cleaning, painting and reconditioning used vehicles and other items of value the State seeks to sell through their Surplus Property facility.
Take a look at all what the State of Oregon is hoping to sell here and under the headings: Vehicles & Heavy Equipment in Oregon Surplus & Seized & Recovered Property in Oregon.
Now tell me, if any of those items was yours listed on eBay would you have done more to improve the appearance of the items offered? Note: I'm not suggesting using mirrors with silk pillows.
I suspect there is greater real world education value to be found in preparing and showcasing marketable used goods than hand rubbing exotic wood to a high gloss.
But then what do I know as I'm just a taxpayer with decades of sales experience.


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