Thursday, July 10, 2008

Please Describe Criminal Negligence for me

The Portland area news folks are hammering on the story of 14 year old Cole Ortega of Bend, Oregon who last weekend was hit by a Dory Boat while Surfing at Cape Kiwanda in Pacific City.
The story spin seems to be favoring the young lad and about his having the boats propeller severe his left arm and the subsequent re-attachment of that arm by OHSU surgeons. Golly, he got lucky and the innocent Dory operator lost big time.
Tonight, I saw on TV news where Cole's family have provided news media sources with pictures of him doing as what they explained . . . what he loved most. I guess these were to twang our heartstrings as to what poor Cole may have lost because of that nasty old gas burning Dory Boat.
The first picture is of Cole on a snowboard when the bottom of his board is totally visible and where he was silhouetted by tree tops in the background. I think that what thrill seekers call . . . Grabbing Big Air. The boy is Born to Fly!
The next was of Cole again Grabbing Big Air and this time on a mountain bike and in both scenes it looks as he may have been involved in a serious competitive event. Isn't that a number vest Cole is wearing?
Well now, to me it seems as Cole is a Thrill Seeker and he parents are supportive of his activity. So, is it any surprise that Cole would surfboard in a known and signed Dangerous Area reserved for Dory Boat landings? No surprise here.
I also don't think my parents would have allowed me at the ripe old age of 14 to Grab any more Air than what I could find from a leap off the front porch and if they had ever seen me with a blue sky background while on my bicycle, I would have lost the use of that mode of transportation for over a month.
As I recall several years ago there was another young teen from Bend whose neck was broken in a Competitive Snowboarding event. He too was wearing a number vest. The last I heard he was a severe quadriplegic and requiring nurses care 24 hours a day and even when he is attending public school. Didn't they hold a fundraiser to help cover his medical costs. I wonder who is picking up the tab today for all that and why was he doing what he was doing on that fateful day?


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