Wednesday, July 09, 2008

Is that a Threat or a Promise?

Headline: Loss of Undocumented Workers (Illegal Aliens) could cost Oregon
The Coalition for a Working Oregon who I see as sponsored by the Oregon Association of Nurseries, threatens that Oregon could suffer Great Economic Harm if the Proposed Department of Homeland Security "No Match" Immigration Rules are enforced.
They claim it could cost Oregon up to $17.7 billion however Dr. Jaeger with Oregon State University who came up with the number went on to say the negative effects of enforcing the law would be felt in the years to come. Ah hah!
I can only wonder how much of this projected and highly exaggerated loss of $17.7 billion is found in employment of Government workers who provide services or incarcerate many of the Illegal Aliens or with those businesses that are owned by out of state (or country) organizations that sell their products out of state?
Spare me the story about other impacts as other than the slum lords who rent them garbage grade housing I see much of the Illegal's incomes are either sent to their homes outside of the USA or spent at stores that cater to those of their third world culture.
Yes, I expect that Sears, Kmart and some other retailers will suffer losses however I see our being able to go about our lives again as Free US Citizens well worth the effort.


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