Sunday, July 27, 2008

All we gotta do!

Is to educate the Illegal Alien Day Workers.
That in how if they become Injured while working for a Gringo home owner/contractor they can return to Mexico (after the lawsuit) where they can enjoy a leisurely retirement.
The key to success is to claim an injury bad enough to require an Ambulance transport and to gather lots of witnesses and both to document the occurrence.
They don't need to bleed as a painful back injury will do the trick. That along with a good Chiropractor and pay-day is not far away.
No insurance company would want a Jury Trial where they need to defend the actions of a Fat Cat Gringo who was ripping off a Poor Immigrant who was only trying to feed his seven kids.
A bailiff would need a Big wet and dry vac to collect all the tears shed during the telling of that story.
Not to sweat finding an attorney as they will find the Illegal or the Government will provide them one along with interpreters.
I say, lets use the same tools to kill their goose as what killed our gander.


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