Tuesday, October 21, 2008

Years ago,

I jokingly suggested we use our Toilets as voting tools.

My idea was for us to vote by Flushing at pre-appointed hours and immediately following that count crews stationed at Sewage Treatment Plants would gauge the flow coming to the facilities and thus decide the election winner.
Example: Those voting for John McCain would Flush at 7:00 pm and those for Obama would Flush at 8:00 pm.
Just think of all the political slogans that could come of that?
But now I find the idea has lost its jocular absurdity with learning residents of Santa Ana (California of course) are now able cast their vote at a Drive-Through voting booth. What, no milkshake and fries?
At least my idea not only offered a dual-use potential it also created a smaller footprint, carbon or otherwise. That providing you didn't step in something left by a ballot box stuffer.


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