Monday, September 01, 2008

Fair Report!

The State Fair looked to be well attended this year and even I made two trips through the gate. Saturday's crowd was the largest I have ever seen. Now, did more people attend or did fewer just stay . . . too long at the Fair???
The best part was the Free Parking that for several years had become a rip-off when City Center Parking of Portland had been given the unique opportunity to charge fair goers a healthy sum to park on State land. Sweetheart deal I guess.
I did notice the majority of young people working at the Fair Info booths as well as the Carnival Games were Hispanic. However, most of the young folks working at the rides and food services were Gringos. Curious?
The highlights were the Credence Clearwater performance that was 50% sold and the Mexican Gang fight that some claim was attended by several hundred.
Perhaps next year they will show the Mexican Gang fight on the schedule and hold it in the horse arena where the bloody soil can be heat-treated later to eliminate any bio-hazards.
That providing the Goldschmidt Team hasn't built High-Rise, Low Cost Housing on the property and that funded with Lottery dollars.


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