Thursday, June 19, 2008

Saving the Pig Farm!

Today, China unexpectedly raised their retail gasoline and diesel prices by up to 18 percent in one swell foop.
The Chinese government can do that without an argument.
China's concern is, they fear the US and other consumers of their products are in mortal danger of economic collapse as a direct result of high fuel costs and if that were to happen they would lose their best customers and their huge dollar collection would become worthless.
So in good Bing Fa fashion they have opted to take some pressure off the world market by slowing their own explosive consumption of petroleum fuels and thereby Save the Pig Farm.
This course of action will allow them to continuing using the US dollars they collect to buy the United States, one Sovereign Investment Fund acquisition at a time.
You know, buying little businesses like Citibank and loan money to the State of Oregon so they can payout tax refunds.
Me not complain. It seems the only people concerned about our economic future speak either Arabic or Chinese.
It sure is nice to have such caring friends. To them I say Shookrun or Shi-shi, respectively.


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