Monday, November 03, 2014

My challange to Anti-Abortionists

If you are serious about your position on abortion, I suggest you show some courage and follow my lead by asking those supporting abortion at-will, these three simple yet difficult questions.
#1  Could they bring themselves to squeeze the surgical scissors at the exact moment of truth in the process of an abortion?

#2 If not why, as I understand it’s equal in effort to cutting a hot-dog.

#3 Then if not that, could they bring themselves to simply flip the switch powering a vacuum for use in empting the skull of a late-term, unborn child?

Yes, I understand they are all horrific and ghastly questions, but is the process of an abortion anything less?

But then, all those persons I have asked those difficult questions none have attempted giving me any answers with having been staggered by my inquires. 

Killing is killing and murder is murder. 


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